Protecting your health while travelling abroad

Staying Healthy During Travel

Travelling opens your world to new experiences, new cultures and new environments. As exciting as this is, it can also leave you vulnerable to picking up bugs and illnesses along the way. No-one wants to fall ill on holiday, so take action to minimise your chances of getting sick. Here are five tips for protecting your health while travelling abroad.

Get vaccinated

Many destinations require vaccinations that you are encouraged to have before you leave. Preventing an illness is much preferable to having to cure one and can help you avoid days or even weeks of sickness and pain.

Sun protectionUse sunscreen

Not only is sunburn extremely painful, but it can cause long-term damage to your skin. It’s easy to forget to put on sunscreen but making it part of your routine is excellent practice to keep yourself well. Overexposure to the sun can also cause heatstroke and exhaustion.

Stay hydrated

Keeping hydrated is not just essential in the heat. On your travels, you’ll use a lot of energy so it’s important to stay hydrated at all times. Drinking bottled water is always advised as your body is not used to any potential bacteria in the local tap water.

Washing your hands with soapWash your hands

It may seem obvious, but regularly washing your hands is vital while travelling. As well as the usual wash after going to the loo or before a meal you should wash your hands at every opportunity. Carrying hand sanitising gel is a good way to ensure you can clean your hands regularly.

PaellaEat well

Not only do you need to eat enough to give you energy, you also need to eat well in the sense of good, thoroughly cooked food. Don’t take risks when it comes to food contamination, as this can be a major cause of illness amongst travellers. Choose restaurants known for good hygiene or places where you can see the food being cooked in front of you.

With your health intact, you’re all set to enjoy your travels! For airport transfers from Bath, Bristol or the surrounding areas, contact Bath Taxi Transfers today. We can escort you safely to and from all UK airports.