Airport transfersAirport Meet And Greet Service

Whether you’re travelling for business or for pleasure, arriving at a strange airport can be a daunting experience for anybody. The unfamiliar layout, the disconcerting rush to baggage claim, not knowing where to find a taxi and whether the driver will be willing or able to get you all the way home once you have. It’s enough to put anybody on edge.

Fortunately for our customers in Bath, we have the ideal solution – door-to-door airport transfers, including a meet and greet service.

Of course, airport transfers aren’t anything new. Most taxi companies operate some sort of service to get their clients back home once they’ve landed at the local airport. Unfortunately, that’s the key word – local. The fact is, not every airport handles the flights that we need, depending on where we travel.

Even here in Bath, where we are lucky to be only a few miles from Bristol Airport, which regularly runs flights to over 100 countries, you can’t always guarantee a return flight within easy driving distance of the city.

So what’s a Bath-based jet-setter to do? Well, our airport transfers improve tenfold on those of most rival taxi companies in the area, simply by being there to pick you up, wherever you come into land.

That’s right – whether you’re flying into Heathrow, Manchester, or Wick John O’Groats, we can arrange for one of our neatly-dressed, professional chauffeurs to be waiting for you upon arrival.

Bath Taxi Transfers Mercedes S ClassNot only that but, by taking advantage of our meet and greet facility, you don’t have to wander around, wondering which car is yours. Our driver will be waiting for you in the airport, holding a sign with your name on it, just like in the movies!

From there, they will help you into your luxuriously-appointed private car, where you can relax during a peaceful and stress-free journey right to your door.

If you’d like to arrange an airport transfer, including full meet-and-greet service, from any UK airport to Bath, Bristol or the surrounding areas, get in touch with Bath Taxi Transfers today on 01225 220789 or complete the quote request form.