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Hot Air Balloon Rides In Bath

As the temperature soars, it’s time for you to take to the skies and discover the beautiful and historic city of Bath from a rare angle! There are a host of hot air balloon companies that operate in and around Bath and can take you on this trip of a lifetime.

Bath is a fantastic city to explore, and for a hot air balloon ride it offers a great blend of beautiful Georgian and Roman architecture as you pass through the city, and gorgeous countryside as you move to the outskirts. You can get the best of city and countryside in one hot air balloon ride, and see more of this beautiful location than would be possible from the ground.

There are many amazing buildings and historic sites in Baths such as Pulteney Bridge and the Roman Baths. Viewed from the air, different aspects and details of the architecture can be appreciated.

Travel by balloon is a novel and exciting experience. You’ll be amazed by the scale of the balloons, and as they lift off you’ll feel a childlike sense of wonder. Go with a group of your friends and family, or create a unique memory with your partner that will stay with you forever.

With the wind guiding you, no two trips are the same. You never know what you will discover and where you will end up, but don’t worry, your pilot will take good care of you and all you need is to relax and enjoy the spectacular views. Many operators offer a glass of chilled champagne while you fly or after you land to make the event even more special.

There are two main hot air balloon operators in Bath: Bath Balloons and Bailey Balloons. These both typically take off from Royal Victoria Park. Flying season is between April to October, with some operators starting earlier, and offer both shared and exclusive options, depending on your requirements.

Bath Taxi Transfer carIf a hot air balloon ride around Bath piques your fancy, take a look at their website to see what’s on offer. Don’t forget that once you’re back on the ground, the most comfortable and relaxing way to get home is by getting a ride with one of Bath Taxi’s professional chauffeurs.

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