Jane Austen Festival Bath 2018



Jane Austen Festival In Bath

The Jane Austen festival in Bath is an event which aims to celebrate all of Jane Austen’s works and unite Austen lovers from all over the world.

It takes place from the 14th to the 23rd of September in Jane’s home town of Bath.

This will be the 18th year that the festival has run and will particularly celebrate Austen’s last novel, Persuasion, which was partially set in the city.

Be in Your Bonnet

Many attendees choose to wear regency costumes similar to those that Jane and her characters would have worn and this gives the festival a remarkable presence in the city. For gentlemen this may include shirts, waistcoats, jackets and breeches, while ladies wear dresses in many different period styles, hats and gloves. Some costumes are bought while others are handmade and guidance on dressing up is provided on the festival website.

For most events fancy dress is not essential with some attendees wearing costume for the entire festival, others for specific events and some not at all. Attendees have reported that the costumes create an air of inclusivity and provide a great starting point for conversation and friendship.

Events for all Persuasions

Over the ten days the festival runs for, the events program offers a huge variety of choice with typically six or more events each day. To further add to the regency feel and Austen experience, many of the event venues are historic buildings and closely resemble settings found in many of Jane’s books.

There are 18th century themed breakfasts in the style of those which Jane would have enjoyed, dance workshops to learn the styles popular in her novels, and etiquette classes to explain complex Georgian manners.

Plenty of performances are also on offer, such as a very funny condensed version of Pride and Prejudice by the Aadvark Theatre Company. Another play treats the viewer to a suggestion of what might have happened after the final page of this famous work in Darcy’s Ball, by the Natural Theatre Company.

An unmissable highlight of the festival is the Grand Regency Costumed Promenade taking place on the 15th of September.

Bath Taxi Transfers carsWith over 500 people dressed in their best bonnets and britches, and accompanied by His Majesty’s 33rd Regiment on foot, the promenade passes through the city and to Parade Gardens. Led by the town crier it is a record-breaking spectacle that takes over the city as it passes through.

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