Corporate car hir in Bath and Bristol

The Benefits Of Corporate Car Hire

For many busy executives across Bath, corporate car hire offers an excellent alternative to the daily grind of rush hour traffic. Nobody has a wand they can wave that will rid the world of tailbacks and traffic jams but, with a chauffeur to worry about the minutiae of driving, you can make the most of the journey to and from the office, either preparing for the day ahead or winding down from the day just gone.

That in itself is reason enough for any Bath-based businessman to consider corporate car hire, but there is a host of other benefits to engaging a chauffeur service for your day-to-day business run.

Travelling in style and comfort

By using a chauffeur service, you can guarantee always being in a top-of-the-range vehicle, something that will not only create a fantastic first impression, but which will also see you to your place of work well-refreshed and ready to start the day – rather than arriving in a frustrated state having been stuck in traffic for 40 minutes.

Corporate car hireNo car maintenance

With corporate car hire, all the running costs of the vehicle are incurred by the company. Such things as maintenance, MOTs, road tax, insurances and even fuel are no longer your concern. All you need to worry about is the day or the evening ahead.

No extra fees

Parking fees are the bane of self-drivers, that’s when you can find parking space at all. With a corporate car service, this no longer applies. Your chauffeur will drop you off in the morning and pick you up again at the time of your choosing.

Time and cost-effective

While many commuters choose public transport, it is rarely the most pleasant way to travel. Depending on your proximity to a train station or bus stop, even the journey to begin your journey can become tiresome. Likewise, though there are certain reductions available to people who pay in advance, most commutes incur a peak-time tariff, which works out considerably more expensive than a dedicated chauffeur service.

To take full advantage of the perks of corporate car hire in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas, contact Bath Taxi Transfers today for a no-obligation quote and take the stress out of your daily commute.