Parked Luxury Car

Why Choose A Taxi Transfer Instead Of Airport Parking

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, the first part of your journey is getting to the airport itself. For this, you pretty much have two choices – drive yourself and leave your car at the airport, or get an airport transfer with a local taxi firm.

As one of Bath’s leading experts in airport transfers, we are understandably biased on this issue, but here are just some of the reasons given by our thousands of satisfied customers for why they’ll never consider airport parking again:

Arrive on time

Drivers of airport transfer vehicles are highly trained professionals, who know the local area and the best routes to the airport well. They know the best way to approach a given terminal that avoids congestion and bottlenecks along the way, guaranteeing that you reach your flight on time, every time.

Arrive in style

Whether you’re a businessman or a holidaymaker, there is something to be said about arriving at the airport in a luxury, executive vehicle, driven by a smartly dressed, professional chauffeur. It gives the right image for any business traveller, and for vacationing couples and families, starts your holiday off with a touch of grace and elegance.

Parked Silver Mercedes CarRight where you need to be

Most airport terminals are vast complexes and the designated parking areas can be quite some way from the departure lounge. That can be a real hike if you’re dragging a suitcase and hand luggage with you the whole way.

With an airport transfer, you get dropped off exactly where you need to be to check in.

One less thing to worry about

Have you ever used airport parking and then spent most of your trip worrying about whether the car will still be there when you get back? Most of us have. Take it out of the equation by leaving the car safely at home and using a reliable airport transfer service instead.

Bath Taxi Transfers provide airport transfers to and from Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas to all UK airports. If you need a reliable and efficient airport transfer service, give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quote.