ski holiday

So, you have decided to take to the slopes and conquer the snowy tops of the mountains, but aren’t sure how to get your equipment to your destination.

Here at Bath Taxi Transfers, we thought we would give you a helping hand and provide you with some crucial tips on how to make sure your equipment travels safely with you so you can tear it up on the snow with ease.

Get your details in check

It is wise to give your airline a call to get the correct information on how much you can take, weights and sizes of your luggage. Confirming the airline policy will not only give you important information but also peace of mind when packing your equipment and jetting off on your adventure.

If you are open to renting, do it

Due to ski equipment being large in size, you could be charged extra for their rather large size. If you can leave your personal equipment at home, you can travel lighter and rent your skis or snowboard. There are also many companies where you could even rent your ski boots, allowing you to travel even lighter and provide yourself with a less obtrusive journey.

Ship your ski equipment ahead of schedule

An option you may not have thought of is to ship your ski equipment, transferring the work onto someone else. This form of organisation is becoming increasingly popular, especially over the last few years, letting travellers like yourself to travel lightly. When you arrive at your destination, you will find that your equipment is ready and waiting for you, allowing you to bypass the frustration of hauling luggage with you and suffering extra charges. You will be able to take to the mountains straight away with your personal ski equipment instead of renting.

What airlines in the UK allow ski equipment?

airport transfers for skiing holidays

Virgin Atlantic allows you to take your ski equipment as part of your checked baggage since 2016 where their regulations were updated. Your equipment is transported for no additional charge so depending on where your final location is, it may be within your best interest to check out this airline first! British Airways are a little different where despite your ski equipment counts as one piece of your luggage within your allowance, if you are travelling with hand luggage only however or you have booked with just one bag, you will need to pay extra for your ski equipment, with an even heightened price tag if they weigh more than 23 kilos.

Think you are ready to take on your snowy journey to the slopes and curve the mountain tops? Then why not contact us to make your airport journey as smooth as possible. Contact us today and we will provide with quick and reliable service for your next ski trip.